Wake up. Get Real. The planet needs you.

A distinctive haze hangs in place of the halo over man’s head. A haze filled with uncertainty, despondency, a sense of waiting. We don’t see each other anymore, no, we see a section that needs fixing. We see the holes in the earth and the spinning tornado’s of our madness and add ourselves to yet another inauthentic endeavour.

We bide by a clock, knowing only that as the system to which we may adhere. Clocking our hours and our dollars diligently. Watching our wrinkles and fat dimples and wondering where time is going. We match our heart to the beating of the clock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick, tock..

What are you lost in right now? What crossword puzzle have you decided to try and solve to attempt a small piece of satisfaction in your life? What have you spun yourself around chewing deliriously to your own demised fate? Or, are you revelling in a shallow gladness where you have managed to wield your own brand of power to control those around you?

In the years proceeding 2012, a spiritual phenomenon surged through the planet. Millions of people woke up to the absurdity of our society and began visionary enterprises in the direction new ideals. We were the gifted amongst a mass of sleeping drones, with open hearts we set out to change the world.

For many of these people, adjustment was difficult. All of the many problems that had been neatly tucked into a forgotten place blew up, full exposure. Means of needing to deal with this mess arose. We became utterly absorbed in our own mess that we completely forgot our surroundings. And somehow, in this process many of these “spiritual” people developed the notion that simply because they had attained certain internal realizations, or were apart of a certain organization they were benefitting the planet by their mere existence.

Certainly, consciousness is the most cohesive state of our human existence. One may meditate or consciously activate a certain esoteric tool to transcend physical hinderances in order to progress. But it seems instead, that spirituality has become a justification for inaction or a complete disregard for basic ethical action.

The majority of the human populace lives in a somewhat ignorant state of this suffering planet, and how they may redeem themselves from their contribution to it’s demise. This is forgivable, for what’s required for these people is a way to reach them in a manner that connects with who they are. This is what all those “spiritual” people are for.

They woke up to the wrongdoings in this world, so that they could change themselves and their world, then go forth and find a way to contribute to the evolving state of this planet. In a conscious way. It’s probably the most exciting opportunity that’s been on this planet for thousands of years.

So where is everyone? Why are the majority of these people hiding out in hippy communes, cult like spiritual organizations or marginalized online communities?

What is required now, is the marriage of our consciousness and our actions.

Nobody is going to come and rescue you, or come down and execute your ideas. If you’re stuck in a mindset that whatever misery you’re putting yourself through now will be worth in the end because of *put bullshit fairytale excuse here* get over the mental masturbation. 

Peace, compassion and love require you to get your hands dirty. It requires you to realize that you have become that “higher self” that you see in your meditations. And that means everyday working towards that vision. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t magic, and miracles and angels. There are, and even more so when you are willing to put yourself in the game and play.

You’re not special. You’re not any more special than any other person. You don’t deserve fame or glory or anything more than anybody else just because you’re “awake”. Everybody has an absolutely amazing destiny, we’re all co-creators. This isn’t a time to feel more privilege than any other sex, race, religion, species. 

You’re a part of a greater whole, and you have come very far. But that maturity needs to be utilized to benefit the greater populace of this planet. Connections need to be made for progress to happen, so try to see past yourself.

Get in the arena. Know your field. Do the work. Stop justifying whatever it is that you’re doing or not doing, because your guides told you it was the right thing. That’s bullshit. If you’re driving a gas mule car, or eating ribs, or living off your parents, or working a soul sucking job destructive job and you keep telling yourself it’s ok, because I am ascending and soon I will do way more good than I’m any harm I’m causing now. Please, Grow the fuck up.

You know that you have a great purpose, you can feel it rise up within you. That’s not going to go away. Your spiritual hiatus from “The Real World” was important and valuable. But don’t stretch it out senselessly until you’re unable to be whatsoever relatable. You’re valuable, you really are, you know things that a lot of people need to know. But it’s time for execution.

It’s not too late. And it doesn’t have to be a big demonstration. Just take those steps, be honest, be real.

This is an insanely exciting time to be alive. As we move from a state where power over others and “isms” rule the world, to where love rules. Love. How can you make that real in your daily life through though, word and action?


“If you see yourself in others then whom can you harm?” -Buddha.


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