The Beauty of Losing Yourself.

This is not a post about altruism or succumbing to being a martyr, but of the true alchemy of the Self.

The world at large is in a state of engrossed egotism. The mind rattles through the tale of “me” endlessly, moving from one scenario to another in a swirling maze. There is something slightly satisfying about the endless encircling self absorption that so many people face; though, ultimately unfulfilling.  Opening up the fridge, staring vacantly with a fixation of finding a food that will meet an emptiness that is much deeper than physiological hunger. Going to work to make the money to buy/do the things we feel will rectify the smallness of our lives. There is a dullness that comes with this sort of self preoccupation that only seems to grow.

However, sometimes we receive those rare moments when we meet someone or see something where we forget completely about ourselves. That feeling that rushes us out of the bed in the morning, that calls us to step into our own lives a little bit more, where we forget to eat. Generally most people categorize this feeling as falling in love, and have no familiarity with it except for in those moments when we meet a “match”. This experience is so utterly surreal that we cling to that person that first gave us those moments, hold onto them until the grey wash becomes coupled. Many on this earth will go to great lengths to improve themselves so that one day they may find someone to wake them up from the dream of singularity.

There’s another solution.


There is something inexplicably magical that occurs when you start to give your life to those around you; you truly become alive. And, it doesn’t have to be anything ostentatious either, you don’t have to donate your savings to a charity or start volunteering 20 hours a week.

Start simply, mindfully. It can mean sending someone a hand written letter, or making a dinner for your mother. Or hey, do you have a cool hobby such a painting, jewelry making, tarot reading or great music taste? Give someone a piece of art, a necklace, a reading or a playlist for nothing in return. Is there someone sick in your life that you’ve been just too busy to see? Go see them. You may be thinking, I have absolutely nothing to give to anyone. Your time, your kindness, your smiles and your compliments to family, friends and strangers is certainly significant.

Our lives, our gifts are meant to be shared. So many of us peddle through life thinking that we have absolutely nothing to share. Or, are concerned with that we’ve worked too hard to not receive payment for our hard work. Just giving for the sake of giving, will reap greater rewards than you could imagine. 

Go try it and see for yourself, the beauty of losing yourself.


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