Be the genie.

If you’ve been feeling like a hopeless head case recently. Relax. It’s in the stars and there’s a way through.

While Spring is joyful, blossoming, playful and full infinite possibilities for the upcoming year it is also somewhat devastatingly confusing and full of disorder. This duality is heightened in the sign of Gemini causing mental cacophony to be at a peak. The stakes seem to be higher than normal as we are all at a pivotal point – a grand crossroads on this life journey. The Grand Crossroad –  Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo – the Grand Crossroads.

The planets stand in the symbol of a cross with one another, stretching our consciousness. These planets are elevated and powerful in this signs, and can often be offering seemingly conflicting energies and guidance.  We are being called to see the bigger picture, to plan in accordance with the Universal Grand Master Plan.

The first few years of this New Age have been learning how to deal with the energies of The New Earth and now it’s time to really apply them. To ground them truly into this reality. It is time now to take all the ideas, spiritual epiphanies, downloads and desires to plan our pathways accordingly.

Again, this is exciting but also very daunting. We are essentially planting the seeds for the garden of eden and needing to make sure that what we plant will bare the right fruit. Of course, time to plant will always come again in this ever abundant life experience but we still want to “get this one right”.

While Gemini can often become restless in conflicting energies, from this duality rises the archetype of the Jester. The Jester has always been a key character in any play because he takes a step back from the drama on stage. He doesn’t engage with the egotistical storyline but instead with the light of laughter, diminishing the problems to their true size. The Gemini jester uses humour to level human hypocrisy.

Like the laughing buddha, who carried around a sack of gifts to different villages magnetizing all the people to him and spreading mirth in all places. He did not get wrapped up in the trivialities of others.

Take a stand back from the problems in your life that feel like they’re weighing heavy upon you. Resolve from trying to use logic for the time being.

Allow your wit to sharpen. See the humour in your situation and you will be able to see with simplicity what is best to do.


At first it may just be a simple word or notion but it is the initiating of a new way of being that will inevitably change your life for the best. In this way of thinking the magic you’ve been seeking shall arise.

The Jester/ laughing buddha/ genie is one of the most lovable parts of any story, and yet can be a character we too often leave out of our own nature.

They focus on giving the gift of the present moment with a light heart and wise mind, recognizing that joy begets joy from the small to to the infinite.

So start now in spreading smiles and honouring the joy that stirs your soul. You may feel that you do not carry value in this moment but as you give of yourself joyful to the ever present moment, the gifts you have to give will surely grow.


Here’s a tune from one of my favourite Geminis.

I read about Napoleon Hill and try to know God
They say he the key to my blessings, and if I speak the good
Into existence, that instant my
dreams will unlock
Money flow like water, I’ll just wait at the dock
And by the way I’mma start, finding more light to shed
Like a small garage in your backyard









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