Forecasting fear.


It looks as though Donald Trump is a very possible contender in becoming the next president of the United States of America. This fact seems to be horrifying the masses. And yet it is this constant state of fear that has cast it’s shadow over the world that has gotten this election to the place it is in now.

Regardless of what state, country or continent you are on, you have cast your vote.

We simultaneously create this reality.

Through the relentless lamentations towards the current Republican candidate we have risen him to a state of power. Through our flippant scolds towards the American people we have added to rising this beautiful country to an edge of trepidation.

This world may have you believe that the only votes that matter are the ones in which the American citizens cast. But this night is being made by the absolutely confounding energy that all have been depositing into this moment.

We thought that it would simply never be possible, and yet this is the reality we are all completely guilty of feeding into. The worlds mind has conceived together in a united state of fear what it would be like if Trump could be president. And here we are.

So what now?

Recognise every word we say, every thought and every breath is always casting a vote towards love or fear.

Where has your vote gone?

It is time to choose love. It is time to choose peace. It is time to use our God-given power to cast our energetic vote into a world in which we love envisioning ourselves living.

We can now see so clearly how precious is our life energy. We can see that we have indeed created this reality. And we can see that we must choose where we’d like to be.

This election is absolute proof of the way  we grow our physical world by our intent and our focus.

So spend your time in appreciation, in meditation and in adoration of all that you wish this world to be.


In love we still may stand.





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